How about a shout out

To the women at the University of Washington… bow down to Washington is the fight song.

First to Jennifer Cohen who was the interim athletic director since January when Scott Woodward left and is now the athletic director, no interim label, I’m sure she is going to be better than Barbara Hedges ever was, remember her 2 big moves, one the hiring of Rick Neuheisel as football coach and then the firing of Rick Neuheisel which plummeted the UW football team into mediocrity for years.  Jennifer has been at the UW since 1998 and stated that athletic director was her dream job, she has been working in the athletic department for some time, most notably raising funds for the many

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Grading the Seahawks draft

This year the Seahawks went into the draft with very obvious needs, that would be the big boys up front on both sides of the ball, they needed many offensive lineman in every position and a stud defensive tackle in the middle to stuff the run and maybe put some pressure on the QB on passing downs, and they went in with 5 of the top 100 picks.  The grade is part for the player but more for the selection of what was needed.  In my last post I predicted the Seahawks would draft a defensive lineman with their first overall pick because Pet is a defensive minded coach, I was wrong.

So, onto grading each of the picks:

1 –

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Bad Boys NFL mock draft #1

The annual NFL draft begins Thursday, April 28th.  With every so called expert making their mock drafts why not the Bad Boys, we will only be doing #1, there will be no others.  So here we go.

1 – Rams: you don’t trade for the number 1 pick to select any position except QB, I’m thinking it’s going to be Jared Goff from Cal

2 – Eagles: after another team trades for the number 1 pick you don’t trade for the number 2 pick to select any position except QB, that leaves Carson Wentz.

3 – Chargers: you can argue that Philip Rivers needs some weapons, Antonio Gates is getting up there in age and they have very few WR’s

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First M, the Masters… wow, what a finish, he who was seemingly in control fell apart on the shortest hole on the course, the short 155 yard par 3 12th… ok, so you do have to hit over the creek and avoid going to long otherwise you’re in the azaleas in the back, in other words the green is thin and the pin placement on the final day is on the front which puts it close to the water with a bunker just over the water.  Jordan Speith was on the tee and to most everyone’s surprise hit his tee shot into the water, no problem either re-tee or take a drop and hit one to the green where you could try and save a

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Madness… continued

Well here we are at the weekend of the final four.  For the most part the selection committee did an ok job, this year it was difficult to determine the top 8 teams, of the 4 number 1 seeds only Oregon was not ranked first in the AP poll and 3 of the number 2 seeds were ranked number 1 during the season, Xavier was the lone 2 seed not ranked first in the AP poll.  Of the 4 teams I didn’t think should have received an invite 3 of them were done in the first round and only that stinking Syracuse won… DADGUMMIT, they beat Gonzaga!… and made it all the way to the final four, their comeback victory over

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It’s madness… March madness

March madness is upon us, for those who don’t know what March madness is, it is the annual NCAA basketball tournament.  There were a few surprise selections, did you know that 4 of the power conferences each had 7 teams (Big 12, ACC, Big 10, & Pac12), each of them got a team in that did not belong, from the Big 12 it’s Texas Tech, the ACC got Syracuse, the Big 10 has Michigan as a “first four” and the Pac12 got Oregon State.  And to top it off the ACC got 2 number 1 seeds.

So, let’s preview the brackets, starting with the overall number 1 seed is in the South with Kansas.  I think this is a legit number 1

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The Super Bowl recap

Sorry, this entry is a couple of weeks late.  What did you think of the SB this year?

If you read the stats from the game you would have thought Carolina crushed Denver, they doubled up Denver in all the stats, including the 2 stats a team doesn’t want to double up an opponent (penalties & turn-overs), note that Carolina was the highest scoring team in the NFL this year averaging 30+ points a game, Cam Newton was the MVP and played like an MVP all year until the SB.  Denver didn’t ask Peyton Manning to win the game, only manage it and he did just that, he threw less than 50% of passes that Cam Newton did.  Carolina however

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The weekend of wow

Sorry this entry is 1 week late… the weekend of wow are these 3 things:

  1. In the world of golf there were 2 albatrosses (that would be 3 strokes under par for the hole played).
    1. Ha Na Jang recorded an albatross on the 218 yard par 4 in the Bahamas, yes this would be a hole-in-one… it is a significant feat to carding a hole-in-one, but on a par 4 it’s impressive.  Ok, so a 218 yard hole could be played as a par 3 and would for the men, but for the women it was playing as a par 4.  Ha Na used a 3 wood to accomplish the feat, I’m willing to bet that 50% of

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O what a difference an O-Line can make

By now we have all recovered from the thrashing our Hawks took on Sunday at the hands of the Panthers.  Please note, the game was not nearly as close as the final score would indicate.  The difference in the game, not Russell Wilson or Cam Newton, not Jonathan Stewart or Marshawn Lynch, not even the vaunted defenses from both teams… nope, it was the offensive line, the Panthers were superior, the Seahawks were below average.

Statistic number 1: the first play from the line of scrimmage for each team… Carolina’s Jonathan Stewart ran 59 yards to give them a first and goal, they scored a TD.  Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch was tacked for a 3 yard loss.

Statistic number 2: Carolina’s

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Baseball Hall of Fame

A member of the Bad Boys Sports Blog predicted that Ken Griffey Jr. would garner 100% of the votes for the baseball hall of fame… he just missed as Griffey Jr garnered 99.3% of the votes (highest ever), that would be 437 out of 440 voters selected Jr. My question to those 3 who did not select Jr. is why was Jr. NOT on your ballot?

Here is a ball player who stayed true to the game during a tainted time in major league baseball, can you say PEDs? Jr. never partook in taking any drugs to improve his game, he relied on what all athletes should, talent and hard work… did you ever see Jr. not give 100%, I didn’t.

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